How to Use Pure Organics

How to Use Pure Organics

Step 1

Diamond Crystals

Fill pedicure bath a third full with warm water. Pour 1 scoop of Diamond Crystals in water and stir for 2-3 minutes until beads form. Add Organic Cuticle oil for aromatic fragrance. Soak for 5-10 minutes. To dissolve beads back into water, add 2 scoops of Ocean Spa Crystals and stir.

Step 2

Ocean Salts

Pour ocean salts into warm water and stir until dissolved to release nourishing vitamins for softer rejuvenated skin. 1 scoop for footbath – 2 scoops for whirlpool spas.

Step 3

Sugar Scrub

After soaking, apply generous amount to hands, feet, and legs. Gently massage into skin. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Step 4

Purifying Mask

Apply thick layer of mask over clean feet and hands. Wrap with a warm damp cloth and leave on for 10-15 minutes then rinse clean. For best results repeat twice a week.

Step 5

Massage Lotion

Apply as desired to hands and feet. Continuously massage into skin to release oils for soft silky skin. Repeat as needed. For added benefits add a few drops of Massage Oil while rubbing the lotion onto skin.

Step 6

Cuticle Oil

A little goes a long way. Using blotter or cotton swab dab a small amount onto cuticles for vibrant results.

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